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As much as you have a dream, it also has you

Just close your eyes for a moment and think about what it is that you truly desire in your life, what type of relationships do you long for, and what kind of freedom are you seeking? What impact in this world do you want to have? That dream and those desires have chosen you and so, the question is, what will you do about it? If you don’t do anything with your dream, your dream will go somewhere else. It will find somebody who’s going to bring it to life. What step are you going to take to bring your dream into reality in your life and in this world? This world needs you to live your dream. Whatever it is you desire, whatever your dream is, know that your dream is designed to have a greater impact than just in your life.

On the other hand, a thoughtful person should always know that thoughts are things. Everything you see around you in this world, whether it’s the chair you’re sitting on, or the table you’re resting your arms on, it started as a thought and a dream before it took physical form. Your dreams are real, they simply need to be nurtured as real and not discarded as something impossible.

Life is brought to simplicity by Mr. Herbert Harris, the author of the 12 Universal Laws of Success, on condition that the success comes to you if and only if you apply these principles and incorporate them in your day-to-day life. He (Harris) categorized people in this world into four types as players, watchers, wonderers and wanderers, and further stated that if life were a football game, the players would be the people or teams on the field sacrificing and practicing until they are the best that they can be. They take the risks and reap the rewards of their efforts because they use their powers to make things happen.

The watchers are the spectators sitting in the stands watching others play the game of life. They take their seats with carefully crafted excuses and explanations for not being in the game, claiming that if I were that player, I should have done this, or I could have been that. The wonderers are the people in the parking lot outside the stadium where the game of life is being played. They hear the sounds of the players and spectators, but they are not a part of the game. They know something is going on but they must wonder what it is, since they can’t see. They live their lives developing other people’s programs. The wanderers are the people who are lost on the dirt road to the freeway, to the parking lot, outside the game of life. They have no idea of what’s going on, and no plans to find out.

Life is a journey whose ways are so many that other travellers get lost before reaching their final destinations while others get tired a few miles away from their final destinations and a very few reach theirs. The destination meant here is the success one achieves in life, whether or not it comes late or early. When then does this journey to success commence? It commences at the second stage of life when you begin having dreams, feelings, ideas and responses towards something. As life is a journey of self-discovery, 90% of plans and strategies comes from a person journeying while the remaining 10% comes from watchers, sympathetic co-travellers and legends who have already achieved success and have hearts to inspire others.

Life is full of seasons, we experience changes in our circumstances sometimes more than we would like, but that’s the nature of how this world operates. We are always changing, our lives are always changing, and circumstances and conditions are changing. Regardless of the changes that take place both collectively and individually in our own lives, there’s always one thing I love in life, i.e., no condition is permanent. Life lived with many ups and downs is always a memorable life unlike the one that’s sped up by earthly powers, leading to bringing what can be gained in 30 years in just a day.

This inability to work your plans is thought to have been connected with an ignorance to interpret your night dreams when you wake up in the morning. As a reminder, the Bible says, God helps in so many ways, that means God can also help someone in a dream. God can too, send a dream that will help you to somebody else and connect you with that person in one of the fine days to share dreams, and it’s in this sharing of dreams that you will extract what belongs to you. We don’t believe you chose your dream, but we believe it chose you.

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

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