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Court convicts 8 cattle raiders.

By Yien Gattuor Mead Kuich

At least 8 people have been arrested and convicted in Mayom County in Unity State over cattle rustling, Mayom County Commissioner, John Bol Mayak said.

He said on 3rd July, raiders suspected to be from the neighbouring Tonj County of Warrap State, parted with 86 animals from Riah payam.

“These 8 people who came to attack our community will not be released soon because they are creating problems between Mayom and Warrap State,” Mayak said.

According to the commissioner, the raiders were arrested on Sunday at Riah payam.

He said the county authority had deployment security forces on Saturday at Riah payam after animals were raided.

The Commissioner said that the CID finalized investigations and handed over the findings to local court in Mayom County headquarter which offered prison sentence to the raiders.

“All these 8 people have been sentenced to prison terms of three years each” he said.

He said details of the investigation came out and court found the raiders guilty.

“We are going to send the 8 convicts to Bentiu prison headquarter, starting from tomorrow on ward, if we get a vehicle going to Bentiu,” the commissioner said.

The commissioner said 2 more-armed youth, who were linked to the attacks in the area, creating insecurity among the two states, have also been identified but are still at large.

“We are still looking for them and will arrest them and investigate again why they are creating insecurity,” he said.

Unity State police spokesperson, David Matut Both said that he received information on arrest of the 8 cattle raiders but lacked details.

“We are aware about arrest of 8 people in Mayom County; it’s new to us as police headquarter,” he said.

The state police spokesperson promises to contact office of SPLM in Mayom County for details of the matter.


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