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Parties playing games on peace deal-activist

By Bida Elly David

A civil society activist has described the snail-pace implementation of the revitalized peace agreement, especially the transitional security arrangements provisions that are far behind schedule.

Edmund Yakani, the executive director of the Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO), said the political game played by parties continues to affect citizens.

In a statement, Yakani said the ongoing economic and political crisis that pinches innocent citizens has been planted by the heartless politicians, who only value their interests.

“Most of the citizens feel that there’s a deficit in trust and confidence among the members of the presidency, and that is why the implementation of the revitalized agreement becomes a dragging of feet,” Yakani said.

He added that all necessary delays to accomplish the provisions within the agreement have been intentionally delayed by the government and the parties to halt elections and worsen the economic crisis.

“We have received numerous concerns from the citizens that they are facing economic hardships, and some of them are facing deadly violence in some parts of the Country,’’ he said.

CEPO’s executive director underscored that the country’s leadership has made several political statements that have ended up on lips without action.

“Their statements are always, no more extension, and we are committed to elections, and we will never return the Country to violence.”

Yakani underscored that the citizens have observed a lack of political commitment from leaders to deliver such statements in reality and practice.

He appealed to the leadership of the country, particularly President Kiir, his deputies, and others, to constitute the transitional political institutions to expedite the agreement.

“The citizens pointed out the political party council, the national election commission, and the constitutional review commission. They also said the leadership should support judicial reforms,” Yakani quoted.

The civil society activist added that the major aim of the initiative was to bring institutions tasked in August until December to create a precondition for the conduct of elections in 2024.

Yakani further echoed the need for the leadership to immediately react and act on the reconstitution of the national political institutions and the redeployment of the first batch of the necessary unified forces.

“Citizens called for the commencement of the redeployment of the first graduated forces and the training of the second batch of the necessary unified forces,” he said.

By November 2023, the second batch of graduated unified forces is expected to roll out and also get ready for re-deployment.”

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