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Bor police cracks down errant Boda-Boda operators

By Manas James

Traffic police in Jonglei State capital, Bor, have launched a crackdown on commercial motorcyclists, operating without following road safety and traffic regulations.

The state traffic police director, Major-General Samuel Bidik Puot said they have impounded 62 motorcycles and rickshaws since 7th June.

“So far, we impounded 55 motorbikes and seven rickshaws,” he said.

According to the traffic officer, some motorcyclists have also fixed a very bright light called “Gas,” that are being used to confuse pedestrians and to rob people.

“We are targeting motorcycles that have been operating without number plates, licenses, or logbooks,” the police officer said.

The traffic police boss pointed out that the exercise would continue until all those operating illegally are apprehended to ensure road safety.

“We will continue until when we are satisfied that the Boda-Boda operators are abiding by safety rules and regulations. We are doing this for their own safety, and that of residents of Bor,” he noted.

Meanwhile, head of the Boda-Boda association in Jonglei State, Gai Atwel Ayom, lauded the exercise, saying cyclist should abide by road safety requirements.

“Those who heeded our calls went and got the required documents while those who were defiant are the ones being targeted,” he said.

Gai Atwel also called on traffic police officers not to overcharge owners of impounded bikes because some of them are breadwinners of the family.

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