President urges new diplomats to woo investors

By Gladys Fred Kole

President Kiir urged newly accredited diplomats to persuade investors in their home nations to travel to South Sudan and invest in a variety of sectors.

The head of the state spoke yesterday after he received letters of credence from 5 recently appointed non-resident ambassadors to South Sudan.

Speaking after the event, Acting Foreign Minister, Deng Dau Deng, also highlighted that the is open to constructive partnerships with all countries without any exclusion.

He further expressed that the recognition of the 5 new non-resident Ambassadors clearly shows the expansion of South Sudan’s bilateral relations globally.

The newly accredited ambassadors reportedly expressed enthusiasm to engage with the government in matters of diplomacy, trade and economic ties.

They also showed interest in infrastructure development, cultural and humanitarian exchanges, and people-to-people contacts.

The five Ambassadors include Amb. Jandyr Ferreira Dos Santos from Brazil, with residence in Addis Ababa and Mohammed Bin Ibrahim Alsada from Qatar, with residence in Qatar.

Others are Dr. Fahad Mashari Althafiri from State of Kuwait, Aboubaker Hassane Dan Sokoto from Niger and Julia Niblett from Australia, with residence in Addis Ababa.

At least 10 heads of foreign missions, last month also tendered their letters of accreditation to President Kiir.

Amongst the diplomats were nine non-residents and one resident ambassador, accredited to the country.

The authorized ambassadors pledged to cooperate, in order to strengthen ties between their respective nations with South Sudan, as a developing country.

They had further pledged to enhance mutual cooperation and forge strategic alliances, especially in the fields of training, health care, agriculture, and humanitarian aid.

For an ambassador to be able to begin performing his duties, the receiving state (of residence) must, first of all, give its consent (agreement) to the sending state about the chosen diplomatic agent.


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