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Women for change South Sudan (WFC) is making a huge impact on the lives of women and children across the country.

By: Chol Peter Majoh

Before I dive deeply into what I am going to shorty talk about in this article, I would first and foremost like to admit that all humanitarian organizations are making a lot for this young country, South Sudan.

This brings to my attention that; NGOs are like a right hand to the government in the country’s development. In fact, they are development partners or co-developers with the government in improving people’s lives, enhancing the implementation of development plans and alleviating poverty.

Now to the point, I want to single out one of the NGOs that explicitly impressed me by their contributions to the international world’s themes such as Women empowerment, child protection and advocacy for women’s and children’s right(s).

But first of all, I want to make it vividly clear that, I’m not affiliated to this organization.  I don’t even know who founded it and none of its staff is connected to me. Even where their office exists, is unknown to me.

But guess what? I have read on the media about them. I follow them online, on the internet, where I saw number of things they are doing for women and children.  In a multiple-different ways, Women for change South Sudan, is directly dealing with the most disadvantaged group of people, women and children.

Formed in 2016 and legally registered in 2018 with RRC registration Number: 1725 by a group of South Sudanese women from various diversity and experiences, Women for change South Sudan, is intrigued by a strong feeling to support the wellbeing and economic stability of widows, school dropout and children (particularly girls) suffering from intentional and unintentional cause(s).

Likewise, as a women and child- Centered-humanity driven organization working for and with women, [and] children affected by the crisis and embarking on women, child and general protection, Gender Base Violence AOR, Child Protection AOR, education (formal & non-formal), reproductive health, livelihoods and food security, peace building, organizational capacity strengthening, advocacy, WFC tremendously touched my ecstasy to write about them. Apart from that, I have no idea.

So, you can dive with me into this article.  Let me begin with this question: how is WFC making a huge impact on the lives of women and children? Of recent, WFC trained women on how to make liquid soap and, nevertheless, how to sew clothes using a sewing machine.

Women during their graduation. Photo: WFC Facebook page.

As per this project, also, WFC received work equipment (including sewing machines and chemicals for liquid soap making) from one of their main partners, Turkish cooperation and coordination agency (TIKA) to be used for training more women in South Sudan to help them earn a better living. This project aims at training 100 underprivileged women in the capital Juba and beyond as time goes.

During the handover event, Erdem Mutaf, Turkiye’s ambassador to South Sudan, said that women’s empowerment and childcare are among their priorities in South Sudan.

Mutaf said that their aid assistance is helping vulnerable people across the country.

“I am happy to be part of this project that will support 100 vulnerable women … this kind of project will support thousands of people in South Sudan,” he said.

He said that the Turkish government together with aid agencies will continue supporting the people of South Sudan.

Anna Tazita Samuel, executive director of Women for Change, appreciated the Turkish government for supporting vulnerable women in South Sudan.

She said that this is the second phase of the project that has been supported by TIKA, adding that last year, TIKA supported the training of 78 women, and they are now progressing well.

Cafer T. Besli, TIKA’s program coordinator in South Sudan, said that disadvantaged women have a special place in their hearts.

He said that TIKA’s projects focus on the vulnerable people in South Sudan, particularly children and women.

“In the second phase of this project start-up, kits will be provided to the women who successfully completed their training, allowing them to open their own businesses,” he said.

He said that TIKA will continue to support South Sudanese women and the country in different sectors, including agriculture and Livestock.

Among others, the contributions by Women for change South Sudan (WFC) are enough to believe that WFC is making a huge impact on the lives of women and children in South Sudan.

The author is a public relations practitioner, teacher and writer. He’s reachable via email: cholpetermajo@gmail.com, WhatsApp: +211(0)922295373

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