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Juba City forms a committee to regulate water tariff

By Malek Arol

Juba city has formed a joint committee involving Water Tankers Association and South Sudan Urban Water Corporation, to take charge of water tariff regulation.

The committee was formulated following a stakeholders’ meeting convened by the state governor, Emmanuel Adil Anthony, on July 24th to address the sticking water prices matter in the city.

According to state Cabinet Minister, Wayi Godwil formation of the joint committee aimed at addressing impediments and offer smooth distribution of water in Juba.

“Out of the meeting, a joint committee was formed, named the Joint Committee on Review of the Water Tariffs,” the minister’s letter partly spelt out resolutions of the meeting.

He said the committee was tasked with the responsibility of finding compromising solution to regulate water distribution.

“The committee’s term of reference is to expedite its work and render the report within five days for further resolutions on the tariffs for water,” it added.

After the meeting, all the water tank operators who had gone on a silent strike were ordered to resume distribution of water with immediate effect.

It also resolved that tariffs were to remain at SSP 800 for areas nearer to water filling stations and SSP 1,000 for distant areas until new figure is communicated.

In the resolution, South Sudan Urban Water Corporation administration was also ordered to record the company’s water tankers or individuals who are complying with the short-term solutions.

The state minister added that traffic police was also to conduct inspection of the tankers only once a month to mitigate disruption in water distribution.

Inspector General of Police, Deputy Governor, State Minister of Cabinet Affairs, acting city Mayor and leaders of Association of Water Tankers, attended the meeting.

The Managing Director of South Sudan Urban Water Corporation, Assistant Inspector General for Traffic Police, Director of Traffic Police, and Director of the National Security Service for Central Equatoria State also attended.

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