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By Tong Akok Anei Mawien

It has been years in row and no changes in economic Situations of South Sudan rather than keeping on worsening.

If there are sure leaders out there ever, that have led or leading our financial institutions, I don’t know whether they asked themselves these questions, why does our economy keep on worsening? How would we improve our economic situations? Why doesn’t our economy change to better?

If indeed, they do ask themselves and nothing changes, then it’s either they don’t have clear approach (policies) to arrest the situation or perhaps many ministers assigned (with the current ones not exempted), do not execute their duties to alleviate challenges facing their people. On the other hand, some use it as an opportunity to enrich themselves and employ their close ones.

Years back, before and immediately after independence, the finance institutions seem to have worked somehow well, not unlike in recent four or three years where it deteriorated   beyond imagination.  Perhaps malpractice, corruption, funds embezzlement and miss-allocation of funds and projects was not deeply embedded in them, like know. We were not used to being close with resources management in Sudan regimes.

It will take sometimes to recover our economic situation, if and only if, we don’t put our attention on the leaders we assigned to lead these institutions.

Guidance and monitoring need to be rendered to these leaders to work towards the objectives of the institutions.  Now, Day in, day out, economic forum in forum out, minister in and minister out and no changes in our economy.

This is a signaled that, we either keep on choosing the wrong ones to lead these institutions or miss-coined our economic policies or approach that pardon few individuals into luxuries life.

Our economy faces a lot of challenges, and my next article will pinpoint some out. We need to focus on through assigning dedicated and objective oriented leaders to lead these institutions.

Many faces within financial institutions had been promoted to the highest seat but no change. They still clink to their footsteps the already know and the economy keep on heading into black market.

I don’t know whether the president has ever thought of appointing a female minister in the finance portfolio.  If not, try one, Mr. President.   Yes, there are qualified female economists out there who might change what we experience, though I would not recommend any. I believe they are out there.

Financial leadership under men has never been yielding. I’m not seeking any sycophant attention as some of you will view it; neither this article is politically motivated. It’s just and opinion on the common problems.

The Author is Applied Statistic Master Student, University of Juba




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