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Activist commends SPLM-IO’s stance on elections

By Gladys Fred Kole

Community Empowerment for Progress Organization (CEPO) has commended the SPLM-IO’s stance that they are ready for free and fair elections in December 2024, but not “sham elections.”

CEPO’s Executive Director, Edmund Yakani said in a statement that the SPLM-IO’s willingness to support free and fair polls is positive, but requires genuine political will to ensure the conditions are in place for credible elections.

However, Yakani noted that delays in implementing the peace agreement provisions are causing a lack of trust in the presidency.

He said this lack of trust stems partly from “spoilers” around the presidency.

Yakani stressed that time is enough to implement the remaining tasks to prepare for December 2024 elections if the presidency takes action now.

He argued it is important for citizens to have confidence in the election preparations.

“It is very important for the sake of the citizens to gain trust and confidence for owning the forthcoming national general elections right from their pre-preparatory stage. If the presidency can hold an urgent meeting to make concrete decisions on the status of the expected elections in December 2024, it will be great and remarkable. Mr. Yakani stressed.

He believes the responsibility is on the presidency to create the right conditions for free and fair elections by implementing the peace agreement.

“All the observed delays in creating the preconditions for the conduct of credible, fair, and free elections are at the hands of the presidency,” The CEPO boss further echoed.

Recently, SPLM-IO deputy chairman Oyet Nathaniel also said the party will be ready for elections if critical tasks of the peace deal are fulfilled.

Speaking at a press conference in Juba on Sunday, Oyet said, “Our position as SPLM-IO is that we are ready for elections that are free, fair, and credible, not sham elections.”

“…and that means for us to arrive for elections, we must budget for it now in order to carry out activities that will take us to elections.” He emphasized.



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