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Police apprehends Church Arson prime suspect

By Yang Ater Yang.

Police has confirmed apprehending one suspect believed to be the master mind behind Saturday night burning of St. Emmanuel parish church in Rumbek Central County.

The prime suspect, a 50-year-old man, has been identified as Maton.

According to Lakes State police spokesperson, Maj.  Elijah Mabor Makuac, the suspect is under custody for investigation.

He said the man was a well-known drunkard in Rumbek town but denied revealing more information on the arrest.

” We cannot disclose any basic information to the media now because it will contradict the ongoing police investigation and search for more suspect linked to the burning of the church in Rumbek “, he said.

Maj. Makuac said at the time the church got burnt, neighbors tried to rescue but were not able until the entire property was reduced to ashes.

“In the morning while people were preparing for service, the congregation became surprised of the incident and the police intervened with other security to find out what happened. Investigation continued until we apprehended a suspect,” he said.

St. Emmanuel parish Archdeacon, Peter Mayek Mangok said that he has reported burning of the Church to his superior at the diocese.

“I have reported this issue to my boss the archbishop of Rumbek who is currently in Renk for a church mission and he has told me to forgive that person”, he said.

The religious leaders have agreed to pardon whoever set the church ablaze.

“I wrote a letter of released to the police authority of the government with different copies to different units,” Rev. Mangok said.

He said the police had the right to investigate the suspect, but the church decided that he should be set free.

“Even when he agrees that he is the one who burned St Emmanuel parish, we will decide to call for his family and to ask forgiveness for him with the family. This is our stand as a church,” he added.



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