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Noisy Churches Contradict Jesus’ Teachings

By Gama Hassan Oscas

In recent times, we have witnessed a concerning trend of mass rooming churches in residential areas, using loudspeakers to create noise day and night. This practice has become a nuisance for the residents, disrupting their peace and enjoyment of their premises. As a concerned and disturbed Christian, I find it necessary to express my concerns regarding this growing phenomenon. It is my firm belief that these loud and disruptive practices contradict the essence of true worship and go against the teachings of Jesus, as outlined in Matthew 6:5-8.

Hypocrisy in Public Prayer
The teachings of Jesus in Matthew 6:5-8 highlight the hypocrisy in public prayer. Jesus warns against praying loudly in synagogues and on street corners just to be seen and praised by others. Such actions were primarily associated with the Pharisees, who sought public admiration for their supposed piety. By extension, modern-day churches that employ loudspeakers to attract attention to their prayers and activities may be inadvertently engaging in a similar form of hypocrisy.

Prayer should be a private and intimate conversation between an individual and God. Jesus emphasizes sincerity and authenticity in prayer, rather than seeking public approval. Mushrooming churches that resort to using loudspeakers for their prayers may be indulging in a practice that distorts the true essence of prayer and contradicts the teachings of Christ.

Meaningless Repetition and Shallow Worship
Another aspect Jesus warns against in prayer is the use of meaningless words and lengthy repetitions, which were common in the prayers of the Gentiles of that time. These practices were driven by the belief that long prayers would impress their many gods and attract divine attention.

Similarly, we witness mushrooming churches employing repetitive and loud prayers, often with little meaning or substance. Instead of fostering a deep connection with God, such practices can lead to shallow and insincere worship, prioritizing theatrics over genuine faith.

Misuse of Speaking in Tongues
In some of these churches, the use of speaking in tongues has become a common practice. However, it is crucial to remember that speaking in tongues is not a gift for every believer, as Paul makes clear in 1 Corinthians 12:30. Moreover, even for those with the gift of tongues, its use should be governed by proper understanding and biblical guidelines.

Unfortunately, some believers in these churches engage in speaking in tongues without proper comprehension or spiritual discernment, leading to the distortion of this gift. This misuse can create confusion and may not genuinely attract the presence of the Holy Spirit, as Isaiah 8:20 warns against those who speak without truth and light.

The Influence of the Devil
The emergence of mushrooming churches using loudspeakers to create a disturbance in residential areas raises questions about their true intentions and motivations. It is essential to recognize that such practices may be influenced not by genuine faith but by worldly desires and superficial showmanship.

As followers of Christ, we must be vigilant against the devil’s manipulation, which can lead people away from the true essence of worship and genuine spirituality.

Disruption of Peace and Rest
Residential areas are intended to be places of peace, rest, and tranquility for dwellers. The intrusion of loud noises day and night disrupts the enjoyment of these premises. People have the right to privacy and undisturbed sleep, especially during weekends when they seek relaxation and recovery from their weekly activities.

It is unjust for residents to be subjected to continuous noise and nuisance from these mushrooming churches, which prioritize their own agenda over the well-being of the community.


In conclusion, the mushrooming churches using loudspeakers to create noise in residential areas raise significant concerns from a religious perspective. These practices contradict the true teachings of Jesus on prayer, fostering hypocrisy, shallow worship, and distortion of spiritual gifts. The focus on theatrics and public display undermines the essence of genuine faith and worship.

It is essential for religious leaders and followers to reflect on the true meaning of prayer and worship, ensuring that their actions align with the teachings of Jesus. Church leaders must lead by example, promoting humility, sincerity, and meaningful connections with God.

Furthermore, it is necessary for the relevant authorities, such as the Juba city council, to address this issue and consider measures to protect the well-being and peace of residential areas. Responsible zoning regulations should be enforced to ensure that churches do not disrupt the lives of residents. Additionally, it is crucial for those leasing their residential properties to churches to be mindful of their impact on the community.

In the end, the goal should be to foster a sense of true spirituality and faith that goes beyond the external showmanship and noisy displays. Only through genuine devotion and sincere prayer can individuals and communities experience a deeper connection with the divine.

The writer of this article is an advocate and can be reached on his email: oscarsgama@gmail.com


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