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Jonglei Internal Province condemns attack on church

By Malek Arol

Episcopal Church of South Sudan’s Jonglei Internal Province has condemned the incident of attack on a congregation, last Sunday, July 30th, 2023, in Bor.

According to Jonglei Internal Province press release, some disgruntled Christians led by the defrocked, Reuben Akurdid Ngong Akurdid attacked and raided Langbaar B St. Peter’s Parish.

The Internal Province blames the incident on some community leaders and politicians who, it alleges were behind the uncalled-for occurrence.

However, the Internal Province also blames the state authorities for issuing warrants of arrest against members who were holding a meeting during the time of attack on the church.

“The meeting was church-based and peaceful in character, and they were doing it in accordance with the Transitional Constitution of South Sudan article 23, which grants religious freedom of assembly and worship” the statement reads in part.

Three years ago, believers in Bor were threatened by politicians and community leaders, a move which later resulted in Bishops being assaulted and shot by Makuach Payam youngsters in the same church.

The leadership of Jonglei Internal Province urges Christians in Bor to abstain from violence and uphold Christian principles of love, peace and unity in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord.

The Internal Province, furthermore, urges the government of South Sudan to discourage politicians and community leaders from interfering in church affairs.

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