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Governor warns against divisive politics

By William Madouk

Unity State Governor, Dr. Joseph Manytuil calls on communities to shun bad politics to avoid creating enmity and possible violence in the area.

Addressing two rival groups of Mayiandit community in Juba on Wednesday, Dr. Manytuil urged the people of Unity State to resolve their differences through leaders in amicable manner.

The governor was meeting the two rival groups to resolve differences over leadership, according to a statement on the governor’s office.

Manytuil called upon two groups to put the interests of the Community first, rather than politics of division.

He said that the unity of the community is the collective responsibility of all the people of Mayiandit County.

The governor also assured his full support to the leadership of Haak Community, which unites people together and refrains from divisive policy.

Meanwhile, the two groups overwhelmingly agreed to work together under one umbrella leadership to promote peace and unity and address the issues affecting Haak Community at home.

The meeting was attended by government dignitaries from Mayiandit County, advisors, ministers, and MPs, including the Commissioner of Mayiandit County, Gatluak Nyang.

In March, the governor of Unity State midwifed the signing of the Thoan Declaration’ among the Jikany community.

Mr. Manytuil then urged the residents to desist from engaging in any other form of violence.

A group of over 300 community representatives from the Jikany community in Unity State signed a peace agreement after a people-to-people conference held in Bentiu to iron out simmering intra-community violence.

During the signing ceremony, the governor appreciated the Jikany Community for resolving and agreeing to end a long-running revenge killing among the community and accepting to forgive and live in harmony.

Also, Dr. Manytuil further issued a stern warning to the youth of Jikany Community against violating the Thoan Declaration, and he advised them to respect the resolutions of the peace deal.


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