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Juba mayor detests choking city with garbage

By Gladys Fred Kole

Acting mayor of Juba City Council, Emmanuel Khamis Richard, has issued an order prohibiting the dumping of garbage along roads within urban areas.

“All blocks and quarter councils, security sectors, and all other security organs within Juba City Council are directed to enforce the prohibition of dumping garbage and waste along roads,” the order reads in part.

The acting mayor reckoned to take punitive measures against those who are defiant to the order.

“Anyone caught dumping waste and garbage along roads within Juba City Council will be fined,” the order warned.

The acting mayor also instructed all businesses and residences to gather their garbage and waste within their premises and report to the quarter councils for transport arrangements.

“Each quarter council should identify and establish garbage assembly and collection sites in the quarter council within seven days.” Mayor Khamis directed in his order.

According to the city caretaker, fines will also be imposed on any business or residence where garbage or waste is found within 20 metres of their jurisdiction.

“A public order unit will be established at the quarter council level to enforce law and order,” he stressed.

The acting mayor decreed that the directives be announced and enforced immediately from within 48 hours, and henceforth.

On the 29th of June this year, when Acting Juba mayor, Emmanuel Khamis Richard, fitted in former mayor, Michael Lado Allah-Jabu’s shoes, he promised to uplift the face of the city, which is chocked with garbage.

He called for teamwork to effect robust transformative initiatives to change the image of Juba city by making it clean, improving security, promoting peace, and boosting businesses.

“I am not here to chase everybody; I am coming here to work with everybody who is willing to do his work fully,” Mr. Khamis said while assuming his duties.

Mayor Khemis noted that Juba, as the face of the country, if dirty, portrays the reflection of the people living inside it.

“So, let us work together. There is no way we can turn our own house into garbage,” he hinted.

Mr. Khamis also pledged to eliminate idleness among the staff of Juba City Council, saying they would rather put on overalls and gumboots to go to the field to collect trash.

However, it remains to be seen if these directives will be successfully reinforced, as similar orders had been issued by the previous city council authority but yielded no fruit.

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