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Rowdy parent apologizes

By Hou Akot Hou

A parent who confronted teachers at Maper East Primary in Aweil, Northern Bahar El Ghazel state, on July 19 has tendered an apology.

Mawien Kon Gau is a father whose child was reportedly being disciplined by teachers, which caused convulsions and forced the man to storm the school.

After being sued by state education authorities, Mr. Kon seemed to have learned the hard way how to react to situations, prompting him to tender an apology through the police.

Kon said on Thursday that he was sorry for being short-tempered as he caused problems and damages during the brawl.

“I want to tell the teachers at Maper East and the entire education Ministry that I was badly moved and misinformed,” he said.

The parent conceded his fault and sought for forgiveness.

“As there were victims that sustained bruises and fractures, it was a big mistake, as teachers are the agents of Change in society. Kindly accept my apology,” Kon pleaded.

The accused parent said that he sat down with his relatives and got himself blamed so much.

“I got a lot of advice from my close associates, and my happiness also goes to the woman who picked up my phone and gave it back to me,” he explained.

Mr. Kon also regretted damaging a motorcycle that belonged to somebody that he used to rushing to the school.

“Also, my bike was damaged by the pupils, and that motorbike belongs to someone. I repaired that I gave it to the owner as I took it in an urgent manner,” he added.

However, the education director, Philip Kiir Garang, said they learned about the apology that Mr. Kon delivered but are not convinced yet.

“People are still in hospitals, and damages that occurred in school are not yet repaired. All these require compensation,” Kiir stated.

It remains to be seen how an apology will be responded to by state education officials.


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