Sometimes it hurts to wait for what we can’t see

Life as a precious gift from God is not like a video game where you die and get another chance to live again. We don’t get that opportunity in life.

It is a pretty important reminder to all of us to not take things for granted. However, it is okay to cry, it is normal to blame circumstances or whatever kind of hardships we are going through but one thing we should not do as long as we still live is to press the give-up button.

Everything that happens in our life; all the failures, rejections, poverty and humiliation happens for a reason and no matter the intensity of pain or the countless setbacks we continue to face daily; it does not mean that we should easily give up the fight.

We have a God who counts our blessings, not failures and he really cares though we don’t sometimes feel his presence in our life because of the everyday struggles.

Your “doubts” and “whys” may be too many and nobody has the right to blame you for that because such a feeling is normal especially when things go in a way we have never thought of.

When things get hard and life becomes extremely unbearable, the weight of waiting for the dawn begins to swell up like cucumber tears and our hope begins to wither. When the last hope is gone, we then question ourselves.

Will I really make it in life, or will I ever overcome these challenges? Will this country ever change for the better for everyone to live the life they deserve?

These are the questions that we ask ourselves sometimes when the light ahead is so dim that we can’t see the other side of the road or where the journey would end.

We get pressed down and the gumption to sail along in the waters diminishes before we cross the sea because we feel low and hollow inside. It is not easy, and it has never been easy, especially for those who beat the odds to become who they are today.

Some of these people had unbelievable experiences and I’m not exaggerating. They started living on their own at an early age. Some never felt loved or cared for but the burning desire they had to change their life situations put their life at the right level.

We can as well work hard and change the course of our entire life. God did not create us for nothing and there is no useless human being in this world.

God has a special plan for every human being, even those that the world regards as of no value in the society.

Nobody is here by accident. We should not let the challenges of life force us to forget who we truly are and what we were made to be. You are a special person. You are great and you deserve the best life ever. Even though you have tears in your eyes, it is wrong to feel sorry for yourself.

The fact that you are going through a lot of hardships does not mean it is the end of life or journey. You still had a long way to go and who knows perhaps you had a glorious life ahead of you.

Who can see your destiny? It is God and he has made a significant arrangement for you even before you were born and that is why you are here on earth.

In whatever kind of situation, you are going through, stand strong and believe that God has a plan for your life. He did not create a failure, he just created someone like him, and you represent his image.

So how come you are a failure in life? It can’t be and it will never be. Even though it is meaningless to the people around you, it is not meaningless to God. You are unique in your own way if you don’t know it yet.

If you are a young person who feels like you are completely left behind because nobody has got your back. Don’t give up; there is pride in standing alone even amidst the fiercest storm. It is God who multiplies people, not the kind of people that stand with you. One tree can bear the force of the wind alone but still manage to produce as many fruits as it can at the of the season. God will multiply you one day.

If you happen to be a young girl and you wonder what your future would be like because your parents want to marry you off. Don’t ever lose the fight. Let God share in your load, and you will surely overcome.

The days ahead of you are going to be great and your future will never remain the same. The joy of being alive regardless of what we are going through is one of the indicators that show what a tomorrow has in store for us. The future will be great because it is in God’s hands.



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