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At least 200 patients awaiting free eye surgery

By Yien Gattuor Mead

At least two hundred (200) people with eye problems are eagerly waiting for free surgeries at Bentiu Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) camp in Unity State.

The free eye treatment camp is scheduled to kick off this week.

A program, initiated by Christmas Blind Mission (CBM) organization, earlier started its initiative with an awareness campaign on August 4th, concluding on August 6th.

A 54-year-old Chomani Chiok Dayiem, a resident of Bentiu IDP camp suffering from severe eye conditions, shared his hopes for the upcoming free surgery.

“This coming week, I will undergo eye surgery, with faith in God, He will be guiding the process,” Chomani said.

Chomani further revealed that, over the past three years, his vision has deteriorated to the extent that he cannot even see objects six meters away due to the eye condition.

Another camp resident, 23 years old Mary Boui Lual expressed gratitude for the ongoing registration process led by the doctors.

“We were provided with registration cards today by the doctors, and we are optimistic that our eye surgeries will be conducted, as confirmed by the medical team.” Mary optimistically sounded.

She also appealed to Christmas Blind Mission Organization to continue restoring sights of the blind through their free eye camp.

“We implore the Christian Blind Mission Organization to continue offering free eye surgeries to individuals like us who suffer from eye-related conditions,” she appealed.

Mary expressed joy over the eye treatment awareness campaign, which concluded over the weekend.

She further highlighted the life-changing benefits of the surgeries.

“For the past five years, I have been unable to see anything, rendering me incapable of even preparing meals for my children. Successful eye surgery would grant me the ability to support myself and contribute to society.” Mary hoped.

Dr. Albino Nyibong, an eye surgeon from Christmas Blind Mission (CBM), explained the preliminary steps taken during the camp.

“We initiated an awareness campaign, urging those with eye conditions to visit the Sector 5 health facility in the Bentiu IDP camp,” he said.


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