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National Budget comes for 3rd reading

By Bida Elly David

Revitalized Transitional National Transitional Legislative Assembly resumes sitting for third reading of 2023-2024 fiscal year national budget, today.

The national budget was referred for further scrutiny following increment of remuneration for public employees by the parliament.

According to the menu, the specialized committee for finance and economic planning will present three major items set to the August house.

However, Assembly spokesperson, John Agany Deng told No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that the 3rd reading of the budget will not be subjected to debate any other motion.

“The national budget is a technical document that needs not to be interrupted by any agenda that may arise. Any discussion in the parliament out of the budget line will not be tolerated,” Agany said.

According to Agany, the national budget in its third reading required in-depth debate and analysis before it is passed to the fourth and final reading stage.

Agany added that the sitting today (Wednesday) shall have a different scheme of discussion since it falls under the lead of the new minister of finance.

Moreover, he reiterated that the minister shall undergo questioning session from the lawmakers after making remarks on the budget.

“The new minister will be questioned by the lawmakers in areas of the budget and make clarifications on key areas that may befit his knowledge” he stated.

Parliament was supposed to resume sitting for its third reading of the national budget on Monday but was interrupted by the removal of the changes in the ministry of finance.

The removal of the former minister, Dier Tong caused inconveniences to the proceedings on the national budget.

In a narrative, Agany said the removal of the former minister triggered difficulties to the new minister who had to study the budget before appearing before the parliament for the third reading.

The new Minister of Finance, Dr. Bak Barnaba Chol Bak took office on Monday with a promise to bring economic recovery, particularly to fix the fluctuating foreign exchange rates in the country.


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