Physical exercise improves body health -expert says

By Ngor Deng Matem

Regular physical body fitness exercise or going to the gym is one of the ways to improve a person’s health, according to a health official.

A clinical officer, Anthony Martin Geng said there are numerous ways to exercise the body, and they all improve people’s health.

“If you want to do it in the gym, push-ups, jumping, rope skipping, and running with the help of machines, among others, all improve your health,” he explained. “It keeps your body organs active.”

In Aweil town, a fitness center has been established, and it is called Rialway Fitness Centre. Its manager, Mr. Mel Bol Chimir, said they established one of the most modern, standard, and well-equipped centers in the greater Bahr El Ghazal region.

“We are determined to help our people Maintain or improve their body fitness for better health,” he said. “We brought world-class equipment or machines for practicing body exercise and got good trainers to help people learn to achieve health goals.”

Mr. Chimir is now encouraging people to regularly visit the center and practice.

“There are already people who are improving their health status, such as through weight loss and many others,” Chimir noted.

One of the customers at the fitness center, Mr. Martin Oloka, narrates how the gym or body exercises help keep his body healthy and fit.

“I started on the 20th of last month with the aim of keeping my body fit and my organs active,” he said. “I feel healthy when I practice this exercise.”

“There are many games practiced here, and they are good for keeping the body healthy. I am encouraging people in Aweil counties and neighboring states to come here and practice,” Oloka lamented.


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