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Aweil North commissioner conduct market assessment

By Hou Akot Hou

Commissioner of Aweil North in Northern Bahar Ghazel state paid an abrupt visit to the county markets on Friday, to ascertain the gravity of the situation.

Mr. Kiir Chan Wol said the tour was to find out how residents are selling local produces despite the scarcity of food items on the market.

He advised the residents to lower prices of locally produced of food item.

““I want to encourage you to sell your local food items in good prices. I know things are fluctuating a lot these days,” the commissioner urged.

Food items that include okra, pumpkin leaves, maize and other green vegetables are among those that the commissioner appealed to the sellers to lower the prices.

The commissioner consoled the residents to sympathize with returnees and refugees running in large numbers away from flared-up fighting in Sudan.

“Preserve some for your family and sell some in minimum price so that other destitute people can benefit as well,” he emphasized.

Commissioner Wol encouraged retailers to maintain their entrepreneurial engagement despite lack of goods in the markets.

He said that the closure of Sudan border and ensuing heavy rains block buses to reach the county and the state at large.

The commissioner also cautioned wholesalers to keep bringing goods to the county and be in good terms with the local residents so that consumers benefit from their services.

Aweil North country, like others in the country battles economic hardship with the population struggling with high cost of living under financial constraints.

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