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Community receives clean water facility

By Yang Ater Yang

Malek Payam community in Rumbek Central County, Lakes State, is delighted to receive a clean water facility provided by the Centre for Emergency Development Support (CEDS).

The community members were once dislodged from their homes due to communal violence and it’s upon the return to their homes amid relative peace that they are greeted with the clean water gift.

The clean water provision project has been supported by UNICEF with funding from the government of the Netherlands.

Government executives, including the director and director general of the ministry of housing, land, and public utilities in Lakes State, members of the community, chiefs, attended the Saturday launching of the facility.

The commissioner of Rumbek Central County, Dut Manak Akuot, calls for proper sustainability of the water facility.

He said it is the first time the community of Malek Payam has had a water yard.

“Malek Payam has been left behind in terms of development and this is a focus of my government in the county”, the commissioner said.

He added that the developmental plans are now focusing on Malek and Amongpiny Payams.

Commissioner Manak said Malek Payam is among the areas that were affected by communal conflicts, and since the people have realised the importance of peace, they will get basic services.

“We as government and partners will collaborate to make sure that services are given to them (the community) and to make sure that they return back to their respective areas, and that’s why we host this launching of the water yard,” said Mr. Manak.

David Ayuen Mawel, a WASH Engineer and cluster coordinator for the Centre for Emergency Development Support (CEDS) in Lakes State, expressed his happiness to participate in the launch of the clean water facility for the community of Malek Payam.

“We have so far constructed and upgraded four water yards in Lakes State, which benefited the community in Malek Payam, and today we have handed over the water yard,” he said.

He appreciated the community that gathered to witness the launch to understand the sustainability of water through the collection of tariffs from the water yard given to them.

Ayuen said the construction and purchase of water yard equipment cost 40,000 U.S. dollars.

“We want the community to be able to sustain itself so that they will be able to collect tariffs, and in case of any breakdown, they will be able to repair,” he noted.

Hakim Machar, the chairperson of Malek Payam, commended the development partners for constructing the facility and asked them to render more.

“I am happy to witness this Malek Payam handing over of water yards to the community today, and I want to request UNICEF and CEDS, who are implementing partners, to bring more water to other areas that lack water, like Ajuong village, Tilei, and Mamer,” he said.

According to him, there are many people who lack clean water.

The paramount chief of Malek Payam of Rumbek Central County, Machar Magot Kok, appeals to CEDS and UNICEF to provide more hand pumps for the returnees’ community of Malek Payam.

“I want to do two things as support for the displaced community of Malek Payam who have returned to the area; these IDPs were residing in Rumbek East, Cueibet, and Wulu counties due to previous communal conflict. Now, they have returned to their respective villages, but they don’t have food or enough drinking water,” he said.

Machar said it is the responsibility of the government of Lakes State and humanitarian partners to help bring any life-saving assistance to the returnees.

Jon Dhalbeny Malok, a woman representative in Malek Payam of Rumbek Central County, expressed her happiness to CEDS and UNICEF for providing the water service to the community of Malek Payam.

“Now, everyone is able to get access to clean drinking water from the water yard for both domestic and some wild animals; monkeys and cattle are drinking water. We, the women of Malek Payam, are extremely happy for CEDS and UNICEF,” she expressed.

She appeals to UNICEF and development partners to keep supporting the returnees of Malek Payam with all basic needs and services, including food assistance.


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