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Northern Bahar El Ghazel Rabies vaccine

By Hou Akot Hou

Northern Bahar El Ghazel state has received vaccines for patients infected by rabies as a result of dog bites.

Acting director General in the ministry of health, Mr. Peter Dut Thiep confirms the arrival of the vaccine, saying it will help tackle an up surge of rabies cases in the state.

“We have received the vaccines for rabies-infected patients. And these are available in our Ministry of health,” the Acting DG stated.

The state minister of health report indicates that Northern Bahar El Ghazel has recorded over seventy cases of people been bitten by rabies-infected dogs, between January and July, this year.

According to the Acting DG, the state ministry of health received the vaccine from partners and is working to ensure equitable distribution of the vaccines to county health centres.

“These vaccines came from our partners such as World Health Organization and other organizations,” he revealed.

Thiep said that the ministry will distribute the vaccine to all health centers in the counties so that they are administered to those bitten by rabies-infected dogs.

“These vaccines will be delivered free. Our people have been suffering, buying the drugs in the pharmacies, which is more expensive considering the hardship people are going through,” he underscored.

The ministry of health and that of Animal resources have been urging the public to vaccinate their dogs and be vigilant against wild dogs, even killing them as another alternative.

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