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Northern Bahr El Gazal state receive Malaria drugs

By Hou Akot Hou

Boma health workers in Northern Bahr El Gazal state have received consignment of drugs for prevention of malaria in children below five years of age.

Under an initiative of Malaria Consortium, a partnership between an international organization and the ministry of health, supplies the drugs.

A boma health worker in Aweil South County, Majak Ngong Dut revealed that they were given the drugs to support children ranging from 3 months up to 59 months.

Ngong said that the drugs were given to the Boma health workers after conducting training on door-to-door administration and distribution.

“The consignment is delivered for two counties; that is, Aweil South and Aweil West counties. It is rainy season and most of the children are suffering from malaria,” he stated.

Ngong said that the drugs are meant to protect children from catching the ailment before falling sick.

“We are supposed to give drugs to children who are not infected with malaria. But now we get children having malaria which is contrary to the initiative,” he stated.

Ngong urges the parents especially mothers to always stay home so that they get the drugs which are given free of charge.

Health official advises the public to always sleep under mosquito nets as it is a season where malaria infections are high.

In May, the distribution of the mosquito nets was done across Northern Bahr El Gazal, but most reports indicate that some people sold out their shares due to economic hardships.

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