News, Upper Nile State

Youth rehabilitates dyke to tackle floods

By Manas James


Nasir County Youths in Upper Nile State have started constructing a dyke to protect the area from impending floods.

Speaking to No. 1 Citizen Newspaper, Peter Kong, a youth leader, said the voluntarily rehabilitation of the dyke aims at protecting the town from threats of flooding.

“We use local tools to dig the soil and put in bags to fix damaged parts of the dyke along Sobat River to stop the overflow of the river in anticipation of heavy rains,” he said.

The youth leader said that repair works are progressing and that it would continue until they cover all the key spots.

Nasser County commissioner, Duol Kun Thien, lauded the youth for embarking on the initiative and he called on aid agencies to help in expediting the rehabilitation work.

“From August through November, our area is heavily flooded. If you come during this period, it will be a different story. People will be using canoes,” the commissioner explained.

He noted that every year, animal die due to flooding and people also fail to cultivate.

He appreciates the initiative of the youth in helping to tackle the floods by rehabilitating the dyke.


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