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U.S business advisory alarms South Sudan

By William Madouk

South Sudan government is in shock over business advisory issued by the United States government, warning its nationals against trading in the country.

The United States cited the failure by South Sudan government to implement key economic reforms and public financial management commitments as per the revitalized agreement.

The advisory also warned American companies to undertake robust due diligence on corruption and human rights issues that contribute to violence, and to avoid all dealings.

It includes transactions transiting the United States that involve any property or interests in property of persons.

However, acting minister of Foreign Affairs Deng Dau Deng said that the US advisory alarms South Sudan government.

“The government of South Sudan is seriously alarmed by the business advisory issued by the Department of Commerce, state, and labour of the United States of America,” he stated.

Minister Dau said that the government respects the sovereign right of the United States to issue such an advisory to its citizens and businesses but wishes to clarify some of the issues raised in the advisory.

“The government is also working on completing the remaining tasks, such as holding a national constitutional conference and preparing general elections,” Dau noted.

He said the government is committed to the implementation of the peace deal and has taken major steps such as the formation of a unity government, a reconstituted parliament, and a joint justice mechanism, among others.

“The government of South Sudan acknowledges that there are still challenges and gaps in the implementation of R-ARCSS, especially in the areas of economic reforms and public management,” he continued.

But Minister Dau emphasized that they are taking concrete steps to strengthen the anti-graft laws by prosecuting offenders, recovering stolen assets, publishing annual budget reports, and conducting auditing.

“The government believes that cooperation and partnership are more effective than confrontation and isolation in achieving mutual interests and objectives,” he noted.

He further called on American investors to invest in South Sudan without fear in all sectors, affirming that the government would offer a conducive environment for fair and win-win trading.

“The government also encourages American businesses and individuals to conduct due diligence and comply with relevant laws and regulations when doing business in South Sudan.”

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