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Boma Health Initiative starts in Aweil

By Hou Akot Hou

Boma Health Initiative (BHI) campaign has begun in Northern Bahr El Gazal State’s Aweil South County.

The initiative aims to treat illnesses including malaria, diarrhea, and pneumonia in children between the ages of 3 and 59 months.

The BHI program is supported by the Africa Relief and Development Foundation, an NGO that provides regular and detailed information on the treatment of diseases in areas where there are no health care services.

BHI project coordinator for ARDF in Aweil South, Mr. John Dut Piol, said that they have trained over 80 BHI health workers.

“I want to urge those trained to move deep into far-flung areas where there are no health facilities,” he said. “Many mothers are suffering with their babies as it is rainy season now.”

Poil urged the members of the community getting this health service support to cooperate with them (the health workers) and identify the sick children suffering from diseases like malaria and diarrhea.

One of the BHI health workers, Veronica Awut, said that she will be moving deep into the village to locate the sick children.

“I will be working hard to ensure that the mothers are informed all about these services as our areas in the county are cut off by poor roads from the county. We will support and do what is necessary,” She stated.

Awut appealed to the county and state health professionals to keep their eyes on the poor, especially to keep giving drugs, so that the supply of drugs is not curtailed or stopped.

Last month, the malaria consortium, one of the partners, began delivering a similar consignment to Aweil South County as well as Aweil West County to help combat diseases in the area.

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