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Heavy downpour destroys crops in Duk County

By Manas James


Residents in parts of Duk County in Jonglei State are counting losses after heavy rains which started last week washed away their farms.

Speaking to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, Sebit Pinymol, the county information director, said last week’s downpour left the residents of Poktap town vulnerable. He appealed for aid.

“Residents have just started growing crops in June because rains delayed this year. But since last week, heavy rains have destroyed farms. What have been cultivated is gone,” Pinymol stressed.

He pointed out that residents have been left hopeless.

“Crops are soaked in rainwaters. So, we are appealing for aid because people will go hungry in the coming months. Already, parts of the cunty lack food because of draught,” he said.

A resident of Poktap, Maduk John, also appealed for aid.

“It has been raining heavily for a week now, so appealed that aid be extended to us before things get worse. Our crps are destroyed,” he noted.





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