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Vatican calls for South Sudan’s commitment to peace

By Yang Ater Yang

Vatican Secretary of State his Eminence Cardinal Pietro Parolin is in South Sudan with a call to build peace in the country through dialogue, commitment and unity.

The envoy of the Holy See remarked, Thursday, on arrival at Rumbek, for a visit on peace, reconciliation, commitment and togetherness for Unity.

“I would like to give three words; dialogue, commitment, togetherness, this the way in which we can build peace and reconciliation in this country,” he said.

His eminence, Parolin expressed joy for being here and to share a Holy Mass, with the people.

He considered his coming as to bringing blessings of Holy Father, Pope Francis, to the church of Rumbek and to everybody in the country.

“At the same time, I would like to convey to him your love, your devotion, your obedient and your commitment to the gospel for being a united church”, he said.

The Secretary of the Holy See emphasized the need for dialogue, understanding and unity in building a peaceful country.

“First of all, is a dialogue, we don’t forget dialogue, we have to stick to each other and to explain maybe, we have different points of view and way of thinking, but we have to talk and to tell others the way we are thinking, to be open and listen to what others say to us,” he stressed.

The Vatican secretary also calls for commitment, action and unity as one family of God.

“The second is commitment. It is a time from empty words to action, then the commitment. Together, we have to dialogue, and we have to work together but all united in the same church in the same family of God,” he added.

Cardinal Parolin urged the faithful to constantly keep praying and maintain the three key words of dialogue, commitment and togetherness.

“I will pray for you, and I hope you will not forget to pray. I heard you always pray for the Holy Father. You pray every minute,” he emphasized.

Meanwhile, the Bishop of Rumbek Diocese, Christian Carlassare appreciated the joy the community expressed during the reception of the Vatican Secretary of State, Cardinal Pietro Parolin.

Bishop Carlassare described South Sudan as a beautiful nation with so many resources, specifically human resource that needs to work together.

Lakes State governor, Gen. Rin Tueny Mabor expresses his appreciation to the Catholic Church for preaching the word of God and providing education and peace in the country.

“The Catholic church has been instrumental in the existence of our communities for a very long time giving the word of God and providing the much-needed education and health services,” he said.

Governor appreciated the contributions of the late Bishop Mazzolari who worked tirelessly during the difficult time of struggle and proved support to the people to achieve independence.

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