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Commissioner tours Payams

By Hou Akot Hou

Aweil North County commissioner, Northern Bahr El Ghazal State embarked on an official working tour of the Payams to acquaint himself with the situations and challenges facing his locals.

On Thursday, Mr. Kiir Chan Wol started his tour by visiting three payams, namely Maper-Dut-Thou, Ariath, and Mayen-Ulem.

Commissioner Wol’s visit to the communities was a significant opportunity for the locals to express their concerns and share their experiences.

The turnout of schoolchildren, chiefs, women, youth, and women’s groups demonstrated the readiness to engage with the commissioner and voice their concerns.

During his address at Maper-Dut-Thou, Commissioner Wol expressed his honest interest in understanding the challenges faced by the community, particularly in the agricultural sector.

He acknowledged the difficulties caused by the recent influx of returnees, coupled with the impact of pests and prolonged drought on crop yields.

“I want to come and see for myself how you are surviving, as the new crops have not yielded and been reaped yet, and how you are surviving,” he said.

In light of these hardships, Commissioner Wol encouraged the local community to remain resilient.

He encouraged the pupils to carry on struggling and ask the parents to send girls to school so they never lag behind.

He pledged to work tirelessly to address the gaps in qualified teaching staff and create more conducive learning environments, underscoring Governor Tong Aken’s commitment to resolving these issues.

“Governor Tong knows the problems you are facing, and we will work hard to fix the missing services. Just keep watching out,” he comforted the locals.

One of the local chiefs, Dut Garang Aken, reminded the visiting officials in their payams about bad roads.

Chief Aken urged the authorities to prioritize the improvement of roads, emphasizing that it is a matter of utmost urgency.

“I want to tell you that it is a great opportunity for you to visit us. As you know that it is rainy season, the issue of road connectivity is a pressing issue that you can embark on sorting out as you have your own priorities,” the chief urged.

Commissioner Wol promised to share with Governor Tong Aken when he comes back from Juba, as the challenges have been presented by the communities.

The commitment shown by the commissioner and the government officials present left a positive impression on the attendees, fostering a sense of optimism for a brighter future.




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