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FAO inaugurates office complex

By Yang Ater Yang

United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) inaugurates its modern office building in Rumbek, Lakes State’s capital.

The event was attended by senior government officials, UN agencies, and state government officials.

Lakes State governor, Rin Tueny Mabor said the office would improve working environment and make Rumbek a FAO program center for the greater Bahr El Ghazal region.

He urged FAO to improve skills and build capacity of local governments in the agriculture sector.

He also urged FAO to distribute seeds to farmers as early as February and buy seeds from local farmers for easy distribution.

“We have normalized security in Lakes State, maintained peace, the rule of law, and order, and we are embarking on service delivery and promoting agriculture for food for all to make our people food secure,” he added.

The governor emphasized the need for FAO to establish an agriculture research center to help farmers produce varieties of seeds to improve productivity.

“We can move from emergency to resilience and development, and that’s a sign of moving to modern buildings instead of makeshifts,” he said.

FAO Country Director, Meshack Malo, highlighted the importance of peace in Lakes State and the need for local communities to embrace ox-plough for FAO to support lead farmers with oxen.

The undersecretary in the national Ministry of Agriculture and food security, Jaden Tongun Emillo describe the development as a great milestone and achievement.

He said construct of the office complex was not only beneficial for FAO but also for Lakes State and the national government.

According to the undersecretary, the achievement drives the country towards sustainable development, instead of focusing on fighting hunger.

“The challenges are real, but together this can be addressed, and this is something that you have seen,” Tongun said.

He appreciated Lakes State government’s allocation of land and support to ensure that FAO, as a partner meant to stay for long-term development, builds its office complex.

The development of this facility started in March 2020 after Lakes State government allocated the land.

“When you look at the challenge, many things are still to be done and the journey is yet to be achieved, but from what I know, we can work together,” he assured.

Rumbek UNMISS head of field office, Kwame Dwamena Aboabye expressed gratitude for being part of the commissioning of the office.

He acknowledged that the FAO and the state government have improved security in Lakes State, and many people are now preparing their farms to cultivate.

He also pledged UNMISS support to implement other projects of resilience, livelihoods, and sustainable household food security.

“We are also promising a collaborative relationship for us to implement other projects that will benefit the community in terms of resilience, livelihoods, and sustainable household food security,” the UNMISS field officer added.


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