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Commodity prices slightly drop in Bor

By Manas James

Prices of basic commodities in the Jonglei State capital, Bor, have slightly gone down, since the beginning of this month.

Compared to last month, as of this week’s market survey reveals a 50 kgs bag of maize flour dropped to SSP 45 000 from SSP 48 000.

A 20 litres of cooking oil has decreased by SSP 2 000 SSP from SSP 27 000 while 25 kgs of beans decreased from SSP 40 000 to SSP 34 000.

Deputy Secretary-general of the state chamber of commerce, Ayuen Kur attributes the drop to increase in supplies of commodities.

“Two weeks ago, our prices were very high. Apart from the issue of inflation, we had run out of commodities in the market,” he said.

“But now a lot of trucks have been arriving with goods reducing our prices by 2000 or even 5 000,” Ayuen added.

A consumer in Bor, identified as Aluel Kut, said she realized the price drop when she went for shopping last week.

“I learnt the prices went down while I was shopping last week. For example, I bought a baby wiper t only 2000 SSP but it used to be 3000 while a tin of milk only cost me 23 000 SSP, not 26 000 as it was three weeks ago. I did not know the reason for the drop, and I did not bother to inquire,” she said.

Another consumer, Aguer Deng, said the decrease is insignificant, stating that commodity prices remain too high for an average citizen to afford.


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