University administration evicts students

By Ngor Deng Matem

Students at University of Bahr El Ghazal have been evicted due to their refusal to pay tuition fees at an increased rate.

The students were requested to leave the hostels to be renovated, but they objected to the proposal, alleging “it’s administration’s plan” to drive them out because they have been protesting for lower tuition costs.

According to a source who spoke to this outlet, the police and national security forces were seen in the university compound forcing students out of their hostels.

A student who declined to be identified, told this outlet a joint security forces arrested the Chairperson of the College of Economics and Social Studies Association, Garang Chimiir.

The sources said another second-year student, Majak Majok was beaten.

They brought the vehicles to the girls’ hostels and asked us to pack our luggage and enter the car to be driven to our respective states, or else they could forcefully put us in the car,” the student added.

Though students were consoled by the dean of student’s affairs, but the situation remained tense.

“After all these harmful actions, the dean of students’ affairs came and told us to remain calm and that administration has stopped evicting students, yet we don’t know what will happen tomorrow. And they brought back female students” students confirmed.

The students said they, rejected the decision because the school is not indefinitely closed as there are still discussions happening at the national level concerning the tuition fee problem.

On August 16th, 2023, the administration of the University announced the closure of the institution following students’ protest over adjusted tuition fees.

The students continued the protesting, demanding what they believed were their rights.

The students’ representative, Mr. Martin Mabeny Dor, who doubled as chairperson of Warrap State Students Association at the University confirmed that students were evicted.

The Council of States intervened by recommending the suspension of registration fees, and on Thursday, August 16, the Acting Vice Chancellor issued an order of indefinite closure of the university.

However, the student representative said the issue didn’t stop there.

Mabeny said the acting Vice Chancellor went further, involving security personnel in the matter, and on Friday he ordered that no student must get into the hostels.

“We, the representatives of the students, asked for the official document of eviction, but they refused to give it. On Monday, they came to the girls’ hostels and told them to pack their luggage and be ready to quit and they proceeded to men’s hostels,” the student representative further narrated.

“We are not going,” he protested.

Mabeny argued that they would only leave willingly without being told.




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