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Why him and, not me

Something must be wrong with human beings. I do not know whether or not scholars who have studied human beings are aware of it. Most people, if not all, have rudimentary ideas, but bringing them to life is easier said than done.

But when one person succeeds in bringing his idea to life and informs people to help him, he faces a number of challenges. Some people sabotage him, others accuse him of plagiarism and a majority gang up to eliminate him. This is done for nothing other than the jealous question that, why him and, not me?

People do not act on their ideas, but when one person acts on his idea, they find themselves on his neck. Other people act on their ideas but when an idea of one person stands out, other people whose ideas are of less importance gang up against the one having a shining idea. They are simply driven by the question, why him and, not us?

In every 10 politicians belonging to a certain community, at least one of them has an idea that would propel the community to the next level, but because it originates from one politician and, not all of them, the other 9 politicians put on their political spectacles and look at that particular politician’s idea as an outmaneuvering idea.

They think that he will always win the community’s heart when they accept his idea and put it to use. Despite the idea being beneficial to the community, the ego and rivalry well-known in politics cannot allow politicians to accept one another’s ideas. They also toss this failure-originating question, why him and, not us?

The minds of youth are pregnant with a number of innovative ideas but when one gentleman’s mind gives birth today, the other ones still pregnant will gang up against him and try by hooks and crooks to make sure his idea fails to thrive. They block him from accessing the place where ideas are blessed and given a go-ahead.

When that gentleman is a man of his own and that, he moves on despite dogs barking at him, the only resort is to harm him even if it means harming him to death so that his idea dies too. These gentlemen are still pregnant with their ideas, but they have already ambushed one gentleman who has given birth. They do not know that this gentleman’s idea may be a liberator of their unborn ideas.

Furthermore, they do not know that most of them, if not all, may be pseudo pregnant and that, that gentleman’s idea may be the only child idea they have for continuity. They are in conflict with him because of the question that, why him and, not us? It is not in the list of nature that 100 people have 100 ideas, that may exist in the world of artificial intelligence. Of 100 people, 10 of them may have ideas and for them to prosper, the 90 idealess people should accept the ideas of the 10.

But another truth is that, even if all people have ideas, the time and vitality of these ideas can also rule out other people’s ideas and give other people’s ideas a green light. While your idea is still in your brain’s womb, I look at supporting one another’s ideas like antenatal care for your unborn idea to develop and get delivered healthily. I’m of the opinion that we should support one another and leave the question, why him and, not me?

The author is a medical student, University of Juba.

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