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Police officer commits suicide in cell


By Yang Ater Yang.

Lakes State Police spokesperson Maj. Elijah Mabor Makuac said a police officer committed suicide in the state this week while under custody.

The deceased officer, identified as Taban Achiek, reportedly hanged himself to death at a police cell in Malek Payam of Yirol East County.

According to information gathered by the police, the deceased officer was under detention pending investigation after he was accused of committing adultery.

Previous information alleged that the deceased had impregnated a girl sometime back, but they got divorced and the girl was married off to another person.

After the child grew up, the deceased police officer attempted to approach the relatives of the lady so that he could claim his child, but then the mother of the child rejected.

The woman allegedly set a condition that unless she returns to the man, he can’t get the child.

Maj. Mabor said the conflicting issue led to violence between the lady and her husband.

“From there, the man (husband) decided to accuse the previous man (late officer) and open a case of adultery; therefore, the man decided to flee, but he was later apprehended by the police and arrested for investigation,” Mabor narrated.

The police spokesperson added that the accused police were supposed to be sent to court so that their case could be settled before the court.

“But unfortunately, he committed suicide at night. This morning, the man was found dead. This is a tragic accident that occurred in Yirol East County,” Maj. Mabor reported.

He said the deceased was a police officer with the rank of private and deployed in Yirol East County.


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