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Food Shortage hits WedWiel Refugees camp

By Ngor Deng Matem


Refugees who fled the war in Sudan and are sheltering at WedWiel resettlement camp in Northern Bahr El Ghazal state again facing the brunt of hunger due to food shortage.

They said this food shortage that has hit the camp poses their lives to risks.

The Sudanese refugees raised their concern to a visiting team of officials from the UNHCR Regional Office.

Refugees’ representative Mr. Mohamed Hamadan acknowledged that the food shortage is a big threat at the camp.

He “Each house is given 15 kilograms of food for a month but now it is already a week after the food provided got finished.”

Mrs. Hawa Babikir, one of the refugees and a mother of five children complained of eating one type of food since they arrived at the center in June.

“We only get lentils, rice and oil every month. Food distribution get delayed for one or two weeks,” Hawa revealed.

Mrs. Nosaha Ali, another mother of 9 underlined that malnutrition is getting high.

“Children and elderly people are so much the victims of malnutrition because of the food shortage” she said.

However, Ali appreciated humanitarian organizations for their significant support saying they (NGOs) are standing closely with us (refugees).

“They keep checking on us, but they are giving us very small food or giving us past the supposed time greatly affect us,” she argued.

In addition to food shortage, refugees also further complained of lack of refugee’s cards to legalize their present stay in South Sudan

“We are worried that we might be taken out from here to another place, if not so, then why not issuing us refugee cards to legalize our stay in Northern Bahr El Ghazal state -Aweil, South Sudan.” Questions Idris Abduallah Adma one of the refugees.

He said Refugee card has so many benefits but now it is not given,”

Responding to the challenges, the regional Director of UNHCR responsible for over 10 countries’ offices Dr. Mamadou Dian Balde acknowledged the challenges but told the refugees that, UN agencies are facing challenge of funding due to global crisis, for example Ukraine War.

“I listened to your concerns, and I want to say WFP, an agency responsible for food delivery faces shortage of funds however please be hopeful that things may improve,” he assured.

WedWeil refugees’ transit center is currently hosting population of over 8,300 refugees who fled the ravaging war in Sudan that erupted since April 15, 2015, with no positive signs of ending soon.



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