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Gov’t issues stern warning on wrong flag

By Charles K Mark

South Sudan Media Authority has issued warning against printing of any flag that doesn’t conform to the national symbol.

The stringent warning was directed to media houses, advertising agencies, and printing companies to immediately cease printing what doesn’t reflect South Sudan national flag.

Media Authority’s managing director, Elijah Alier Kuai, on Friday, endorsed memorandum, prohibiting publication and circulation of wrong version of national flag.

According to the media authority warning, those who fail to comply are liable to face penalties.

The media authority observed with concern that printing and circulation of the different versions of the country’s national flag exists both within and at some diplomatic missions abroad.

The national flag approved for public use carries sky blue colour triangle instead of the commonly and wrongly printed deep blue.

The media regulatory also reiterated that the national flag can only be reproduced in a dignified manner in its original designs, accurate shapes, and colours.

In the memo, the media authority emphasized that any product bearing images of the South Sudan national flag should reflect the right version.

All levels of government and public institutions have been directed to remove all the wrong and substandard versions of the national flag, replacing it with the right official version.

“In accordance with the 5th Governor’s Forum’s Resolutions, of November 22–29, 2021, the ministry of presidential affairs will provide enough national flags for all the states and administrative areas,” said the media authority in its memo.

The authority said the national flag is a visible national symbol that represents the South Sudanese in different functions and should be accorded respect and dignity at all times.

The official South Sudan national flag consists of three broad horizontal stripes of black, red, and green (from top to bottom).

The top stripe is black, the middle is red, and the bottom is green. And there are also two smaller white stripes, the first in between black and red and the other between red and green stripes.

On the left side of the flag, there is a horizontal blue triangle pointing towards the middle with a golden star in the centre.

The flag bears similarities in colour to the flag of Kenya and in shape to the flag of Sudan.

The flag reflects the Pan-Arab colours (white, red, green, and black) as well as the sky blue and golden stars.

The colours symbolise harmony and peace in the Arab world, which have also been traditionally associated with the inhabitants of the Arab world and the Islamic faith for hundreds of years.

Black represents the South Sudanese people; white represents peace, harmony, brightness, and hope; while red stands for the blood shed for freedom; and green symbolises Islam, the growth of territory, and cultivation.

The sky blue represents the waters of the Nile, and the golden star called the Star of Bethlehem in the triangle stands for the unity of the states of South Sudan.

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