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Northern Corridor states to tackle cross-border crimes

By William Madouk

Warrap state earmarks Northern Corridor Conference scheduled for September 2023 to address pesky inter-communal and other inter-state crimes.

The press secretary in the office of the state governor, James Ayiek Bath said that Northern Corridor states collaborate to end insecurity by armed groups, along common borders.

“They [the Northern Corridor states] are working hand in hand to address cross-border security; these cross-border security is also a threat to regional security,” Bath said.

He continued that through the joint effort of the Northern Corridor governors scheduled to conduct peace dialogue in September.

“We will address once and for all the cross-border violence that involves communities in those states,” he added.

Mr. Bath was at Warrap State Coordination Office in Juba where he updated the media about the status of peace and stability in the state.

He also briefed the press on developmental projects and integration of refugees in Warrap state.

According to Bath, the Northern Corridor conference is an initiative that involves South Sudan’s states bordering Sudan.

These are Warrap state, Unity state, Lakes state, Abyei Special Administrative Areas, Ruweng administrative area, Northern Bahr El Ghazal state, and Western Bahr El Ghazal state.

The conference is expected to address the nagging inter-communal conflict and bring to an end the cattle raiding that always led to the loss of lives.

Bath said partners are putting the final touches on the conduct of the conference.

Mr. Bath claimed that cross-border attacks have decreased after the government of Warrap State deployed security forces in hotspot areas at border points to crack down on those criminals.

“We refer to them as organized crimes that are sponsored by armed groups and cannot be attributed to any particular community or government,” he explained.

He said the armed criminals also stage activities along common borders and carry out cross-border attacks in Warrap.

“But with this upcoming development among the Northern Corridor state partners, it is going to be addressed,” he added.

Unity State governor, Joseph Manytuil after meeting deputy special representative for South Sudan and Deputy Head of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan, Mr. Guang Cong revealed plans to hold the conference in Juba.

According to the statement obtained from the governor’s press unit, the two leaders held a consultative meeting as part of the preparation for the conference.

Manytuil said Unity State would support the conference to ensure that it achieves its objective of bringing complete peace between Unity State and the neighboring states.

He added that his governor is trying hard to maintain peace with the neighboring states amid challenges.

Meanwhile, Mr. Guang pledged continues support of the UN Mission in South Sudan to implement previous resolutions of the Northern Corridor Bloc Conferences.

He added that the UNMISS will support South Sudan in all aspects to ensure peace prevails in the whole of South Sudan.


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