Stray dogs’ shooting frightens residents



By Yang Ater Yang

Over one hundred street dogs have been killed in an ongoing shooting exercise in Yirol West Town, Lakes State, leaving residents in fear.

Yirol West County authorities with directives from the state governor ordered the shooting spray to eliminate dogs around the town.

The exercise followed an increase in the number of people being bitten by dogs and other getting infested with rabies.

Some residents said they have seen more than 100 bodies of lifeless dogs littering the town.

A resident of Yirol West, Cholhok Manyiel told No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper that the ongoing targeted dog shooting exercise has caused a lot of panic among the people in the town.

Manyiel said she saw about 50–30 lifeless dogs during the first two days, adding that the shooting exercise continues in the residential areas.

“We don’t know why the governor ordered the town mayor to eliminate dogs in Yirol West County,” she wondered.

According to her, the dogs provided security to people at night, and were supposed to be vaccinated against rabies instead of killing them in such numbers.

Manyiel cited importance of the dogs in providing security at a time when there were rampant killings and insecurity in Lakes State.

She said the dead dogs which are not collected have polluted the entire environment.

“Everywhere in the residential areas, one could smell the rotten, decaying bodies of dead dogs in the town” she complained.

Another resident identified as Simon Nai said shooting of the stray canines was prompted by reports that about 10 to 15 people had allegedly died as a result of dog bites.

“5 people died from dog bites in Yirol West County hospital; 2 people died in Yirol East; and 5 others died from dog bites in Mapuordit hospital”, Mr. Nai cited.

According to the announcement, the exercise will be extended to Yirol East and Awerial counties, respectively.

“The only fear for residents now as the shooting spray continues is that if a shooter misses the dog, the bullet might hit innocent people, and this will cause problems,” Nai said.

He, however said the community welcomes the idea of eliminating the stray dogs in the town.

“It is a wonderful idea to eliminate all the dogs that don’t have owners from the town in Yirol West County,” he added.

Yirol West Town mayor, Adok Ajok Mabor declined to comment on the dogs shooting exercise order he issued.

Instead, he directed this reporter through a text message to contact the commissioner of Yirol West County.

“Could you kindly call the county commissioner to inquire about more information in regard to dogs’ elimination exercise?” he responded in text.

Meanwhile, attempts by this outlet to reach the county commissioner were unsuccessful by press time as he declined to pick up reported phone calls.


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