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Warrap state disputes media survey

By William Madouk

Warrap state has rubbished a survey by Eye Radio online that places the state governor, Manhiem Bol Malek, as least-performing among others, in the transitional unity government.

The Governor’s press secretary, James Ayiek, terms the survey as “bias, politically motivated and not based on factual activity.”

Eye Radio published the survey, ranking Warrap State and Lakes State in terms of security and development, where Warrap State was rated the last.

“I disputed that; it is not a creditable survey because academic surveys must be based on factual activity and must also be based on the random selection of variable groups and opinions that must be inclusive,” he argued.

According to him, Warrap State is currently 95 percent stable and calm in terms of security, and his boss, Governor Manhiem, is working around the clock to maintain security in the state.

“I want to say the survey report covered by Eye Radio is biased and politically motivated, and thus I said to all the media community that if you want to know the truth, listen to the government,” he claimed.

He added that for the last six months, there have been no inter-communal clashes reported among Twic and Ngok Dinka, and this is because of the governor’s effort with the support of President Salva Kiir’s directives.

The governor’s mouthpiece was reacting to Eye Radio’s online assessment survey that was conducted on August 18, 2023, evaluating the performance of the governors and area administrators in the country.

Based on the report, Lakes State Governor Rin Tueny Mabor emerged as the best-performing governor in the last three years of the transitional government.

Out of the 779 online participants, over 500 voted Governor Rin as the best-performing governor, followed by Western Bahr El Ghazal Governor Sarah Cleto Rial with 65 votes.

Meanwhile, Warrap State governor Manhiem Bol Malek (who was appointed in November 2022) received the fewest votes for a governor, while the Pibor Chief Administrator had zero votes from the netizens.

However, Eye Radio put a disclaimer on the report.

“Note: This data may not reflect the true reality of the situation due to the limited number of participants,” the disclaimer reads in part.

The note stated that some governors and chief administrators were also reshuffled, and replacements have only governed for months or a year.



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