At least 200 households get fruit trees seedlings

By Yang Ater Yang.

At least two hundred (200) households have benefited from 1,000-fruit tree seedling distribution in Rumbek East County, Lakes State.

Peace Canal, in collaboration with Rumbek East County local government, distributed the seedlings comprising mango, guava, and lemon fruit trees.

The distribution targeted 200 households in three bomas of Billing-cok, Makembele and Patir, respectively, in Cuei-cok payam, Rumbek East County.

Cuei-cok Payam administrator, Paul Adhong Majak expresses his gratitude to Peace Canal for supporting the fruit farmers with seedlings.

“Now, we are supervising this work today in Cuei-cok Payam, and I am very happy with the work of Peace Canal,” he said.

The payam administrator stresses the importance of the seedlings to the locals, saying fruits are good, health wise to the body.

He pledged to work hand in hand with the organization to ensure the fruit trees are nurtured well.

An area coordinator of Peace Canal for Greater Rumbek, Gordon Majuec Ayen said they were distributing 1,000 seedlings of different types to 200 beneficiaries.

He said the project is supported under direct aid programme funded by Australian government.

“As Peace Canal partners, we are so grateful for the support from the Australian people to the people of South Sudan,” he said.

Peace Canal implements peace building activities in Great Lakes State, Pibor, and Akobo.

It is a national non-governmental organization that was established in 2020 and supported by the UK government.

Ayen underscored that Rumbek is enjoying tranquilly and peace because the government of Lakes State and NGOs have engaged communities in dialogue, which paves the way for other development programmes.

According to him, it is through peace that other projects like environmental protection and conservation, through direct aid projects, which support women and girls in vegetable gardens and distributions of seedlings to different households in Rumbek East County, are realized.

“We believe that the impact of these distributions today has gone successfully, and 1,000 seedlings have been distributed among 200 households. I believe this is a long-term goal as these people plant these mango, guava, and lemon tree seedlings,” Ayen lamented.

He said in the next ten years (10), the 200 households that have received the seedlings will also be suppliers of fruits to the community of Rumbek East and Lakes State in general.

The official also cites the importance of the trees to contribute to environmental protection once they grow up.

“We are tired of cutting down trees. This idea of replanting is part of afforestation, and we are trying to discourage the idea of deforestation,” Ayen hinted.

Cuei-cok Payam chair lady, Priscilla Yar Marek appreciated the contribution saying it was very good work and support for women in the area.

“I am responsible for the group of women in three bomas in Cuei-cok Payam. This work deserves great appreciation from women to the Peace Canal that provides us with these trees,” she said.

Yar said the provision of the fruit trees will help women and children in the community.

“Children and pregnant mothers will not suffer again. They will feed on these fruit trees, and their blood will have a boost,” she added. “No woman or child will have anaemia.”

She added that it will greatly improve the health and nutrition of children and pregnant mothers in the community.

Meanwhile, Cuei-cok Payam paramount chief, Tuol Aparer Chut, equally appreciated Peace Canal for supporting the community with the fruit trees.

“Our big appreciation goes to Peace Canal, and I urge our people to protect the fruit trees provided to us from animals, “the chief advised.

He said they want their children to eat guava, mangoes, lemons, and other fruits, adding that these fruits need good protection and proper management.

The paramount chief noted that the fruit trees needed to be fenced to protect them from animals such as goats and cows.


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