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Attack on spiritual leader’s home claims three lives

By Yien Gattuor

At least three people have been killed when suspected armed youth launched two attacks in Mayom County, Unity State last week.

The attacks were reportedly staged at the home of spiritual leader Gatdeng, at Khani, an area in Mayom County last week, according to a local official.

A man, a mother and her daughter were the victims of the brutal attack.

Mayom County Commissioner, John Bol Mayak confirmed the incident to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper.

He alleged that an armed group of youth from Ajakkuach in neighbouring Twic County of Warrap State carried the assault on the family of spiritual leader Gatdeng.

“The armed youth who migrated from Mayom to Ajak in Warrap State came to attack the residence of spiritual Gatdeng,” Mayak said.

He narrated that one person was wounded from the side of spiritual Gatdeng, and on the attackers’ side, an armed man was found dead at the area near the residence of the spiritual leader.

According to him, the first attack claimed the life of one man, and two people died in the second attack.

A woman and her daughter died in the second attack on the home of the spiritual leader.

The suspected armed youth allegedly communicated with the spiritual leaders on the phone, before launching the attacks.

Commissioner Mayak said the three deceased were known, but he didn’t readily disclose their identities.

Many deadly attacks have happened in Mayom County since 2022, and all the incidents were claimed to be perpetrated by armed youth from Warrap State.

However, Warrap State Information Minister, William Wol Mayom refuted any involvement of the youth in the attacks in Mayom County.

“I will reach out to the Commissioners of Warrap State, including Gogrial East, and they will have to confirm to me first, but what I know is that there are no armed youth from our region carried out the attack on Mayom County,” Wol said.

Meanwhile, civil society network chairperson in Unity State, Thijin Yian offered condolences to the bereaved family, who lost their lives in the two attacks.


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