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When life slams those doors before you

Sometimes the game can be really tough and before we understand why it is tough, it even gets tougher. People all over the world have something that they want to understand about this life. Why are things always hard and why does it get harder even when we are so sure that we have tried our best? But who can explain this better has always been the question of our day. Nobody, not even God himself, will explain why the ropes we pull tighten the moment we ought to touch them.

There has never been a time in human history when the greatest of all men sat down to debate this life because there would be nothing to discuss about it. The signals are crystal clear “Play your cards well and remember to get up you fall” This and other principles that govern life are the only values that we must cling to until our time in this world comes to an end. When we wake up in the morning, we must know that the provision we have from God is the life we have the air we breathe, and the rest is under our care. We have a limited time on earth and God is expecting us to make good use of the life he has given us because he doesn’t want to take it back the same way he gave it to us. He wants us to do something good with this life so that when we leave this world, we will look back and feel proud for having left it in good hands.

But how can we do this when we move from one problem to another and when we are not moving anywhere in life? Most people who support this question are really struggling without tangible results. Some are University graduates without jobs and their aging parents are looking up to them to take responsibility. On the other hand, they want to marry and settle down and nothing is adding up. There is also a woman whose sun rests on her back to make sure that she gets something to eat. On the other side of the game, there are people who are on their knees asking God to just open a single chapter in their lives, but it is getting worse, and many people are facing one problem or the other. This all amounts to heartbreak and excruciating pain especially if we have been trying for years and nothing is actually making God happy. We will watch life shutting doors one after the other and when we try within our power to push it open, it even gets worse.

Our cries will become louder, and nobody will hear us. We will try to deny the fact we are living, and life will tell us that we are humans, and we must persevere even in the midst of circumstances. By this, I’m simply pointing to the fact that every good thing must come out of hardship, for instance, when the door closes in front of you, it would be wrong if you give up because it is not to your disadvantage. All work out for the good of those who approach life’s challenges with hope and determination.

The doors we watch closing may not have been meant for us and they may in turn be opening up new doors, sometimes the better ones in future. So, we must keep the struggle with what happens because at the end of this pain, something good is going to unfold.


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