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Amongpiny FC wins Rumbek peace tournament


By Yang Ater Yang

An inter-Payam peace tournament in Rumbek Central County, Lakes State, has concluded with Amongpiny FC emerging as champions after beating Dr. Nyot FC of Malek Payam by 3:2 goals in the finals.

Rumbek Central County Youth Association organized the football for peace competition.

The minister of culture, youth, and sports, William Koji Kirjok, stated that Payam’s tournament is always under the care of the commissioner and Payam administrators.

He said youth are supposed to be taken care of by the leaders to support them.

This Payam tournament will continue to be played every year, according to the minister.

Jiir Payam FC won the last competition.

The whole tournament was played peacefully, as its name implies, with no cases of misbehavior.

Mr. Koji urges Among-Piny Payam FC to be prepared for the state tournament, saying all the champions of eight counties will go to the state tournament.

“Mobilize your resources and attach yourself to your county commissioner and Payam administrator,” he urged.

The minister cited that what is happening in Juba in regard to reports of violence during community football peace tournaments is not expected to happen in Lakes.

For his part, the commissioner of Rumbek Central County, Dut Manak Akuot, who witnessed the final match, applauded the successful conclusion of the inter-Payam football tournament and lauded the organizing committee for their work.

“We appreciate your good game, and we wish to play such games all the time,” he noted.

The commissioner further thanked Governor Rin Tueny Mabor for bringing stability to their state, saying that’s why the youth have come from the faraway village of Payams to come and play together in the spirit of peace.

Moses Thon Mading, the chairperson of the inter-Payam peace tournament organizing committee, commended all for the success of the initiative.

“We never face any difficulties or challenges that include the interaction of the payams through fighting or any kind of assault”, he noted.

Meanwhile, Maliet Matiok, head coach of Dr. Nyot FC of Malek Payam, said he had conceded the defeat to Among-piny Payam FC.

He described the final game played on Wednesday as a very nice and interesting game.

“I also appreciate Among-piny Payam FC for winning the champion of this year 2023,” coach Maliet congratulated his competitor.

He, however, remains optimistic that Dr. Nyot FC may be the champions of the 2024 tournament.

He said this peace tournament will bring people together, and those who have been in conflict will come together and build friendship, sharing ideas to grow together and live in harmony.

John Kuol Mabor, the winning head coach of Among-piny Payam FC, also appreciated the committee for organizing the peace tournament.

“I would like to inform everyone in Rumbek Centre that these games of sports bring peace for us and unite people,” he said.

“I am happy as we won the trophy today and were crowned champions of the inter-Payam peace tournament for Rumbek Central County “.

Mr. Kuol urged the youth to keep playing football, saying sports bring them together and can unite everyone.


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