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Aweil forms traditional spiritual group

By William Madouk

First-ever Traditional Spiritual Spear Masters Group (TSSMG) has been formed in Northern Bahr El Ghazal State, Aweil.

Speaking to No. 1 Citizen Daily Newspaper on phone, the secretary general of TSSMG, who doubles as its head, Garang Ngong Akot, said the spear master is a spiritual guide who has the ability to mediate between God, totems, and man.

“It is true, we have formed the Traditional Spiritual Spear Master’s Group (TSSMG) in Aweil, and we have selected members from five counties of Northern Bahr El Ghazal State, meaning we have representatives from each of those counties,” said Mr. Ngong.

He added that before Christianity, Islam, and other religions arrived, people were relying on traditional religions such as spear masters.

“As you know, before the inception of those religions, such as Christianity and Islam, in 600, we were there since the creation of the earth as the only creed,” he continued.

Notably, the spear master carries a spear, which he uses for animal sacrifices to Nhialic (God). These sacrifices are performed to heal illnesses, social disharmony and the other difficulties of the people.

“We are members of religious groups and civil society; we will be sharing our views in workshops such as the permanent constitution-making process. We are also peace lovers; it is in our blood,” he explained.

“We will also help people if pandemic diseases emerge so that our team members can do their work to stop them, and if people face difficulties, we have our team who can handle those issues as well,” he added.

Mr. Ngong alleged that in the group, they have rainmakers who could call for rain if there is a persistent drought in the area.

“Also, if anyone has a daughter who delayed getting married, we can solve that matter, and whoever is having such cases can now come to us,” he stressed.

He said that they have formed the group, and the constitution has now been drafted and submitted to the state government. According to him, the state ministry has issued them a registration certificate.

The term “spear master” refers to the integrity and ethics that had to accompany the maker and user of the spear in ancient African societies.

The essence of religion presented in Spear Masters is the deification of one’s society and nation and making sacred the traditions and rituals of the ordinary lives of the people.



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