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Court jails South Supreme Airline boss

By Manas James

High Court at Malakia on Thursday booked South Supreme Airline’s boss, Ayi Duang Ayii, to Juba main prison for failing to compensate victims of Pieri plane crash.

No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper has seen an execution letter issued on 31st August by the High Court in Malakia to keep Ayii Duang Ayii in Juba Main Prison.

According to a document endorsed by 1st grade county court, the administration of Juba main Prison is to keep Ayii Duang Ayii in jail until he pays the money.

“Subject: Prisoner, Ayii Duang Ayii. An order from county court of Malakia on the above-mentioned subject. Sir, the subject has a case before the court and he failed to pay the need, which is 800, 000 USD and court fee, therefore, he is to remain in prison until he pays,” the court order reads in part.

The court had previously dismissed an appeal by the airline to overturn a lower court decision requiring them to compensate the families of the tragic 2021 Pieri plane crash victims.

The High Court judge ordered that the airline pay USD 100,000 to each of the eight complainants.

However, since the ruling, South Supreme Airline has failed to make the payments and is now in default, leading to the court issuing an arrest warrant.

A representative of the victims’ families, Makuei Puok Bai, expressed gratitude for decision of the court.

He said the arrest and imprisonment of Ayii Duang Ayii would compel him to pay the survivors of the crash victims.

“As the families, we are happy and welcome this development. Since the court ruling, we have yet to be paid. The South Supreme Airline has been dodging us. So we welcome this decision,” he stressed.

The Pieri plane crash occurred on March 2, 2021, when a South Supreme Airline Let aircraft with registration HK-4274 crashed shortly after takeoff at the Pieri airstrip in Jonglei State.

It resulted in the loss of all 10 people on board, including 2 crew members.

Since then, the airline company and the families have been involved in a legal battle concerning compensation.


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