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Victors, victims of presidents’ sharp axe

By Bida Elly David

South Sudan on Wednesday slumbered in shockers as President Salva Kiir Mayardit issued a series of decrees reshuffling lawmakers, state commission officials and county commissioners in four states.

Eastern Equatoria, Warrap, Jonglei and Upper Nile states respectively were affected.

In Eastern Equatoria State, the President removed four lawmakers and appointed six others.

Lokwa Paul-SPLM, Kotin Thomas-SPLM, Ayo Joice-SPLM-IO, Kata Victor-SPLM-IO, were booted out of the state Assembly.

The six new lawmakers appointed include Ohisa Joseph-SPLM, Emmanuel Justine-SPLM, Madelina Iduho-SPLM, Takal Kori Perer-SPLM, Ayot Janet Peter-SPLM-IO and Charles Logoloi-SPLM-IO.

Eastern Equatoria state minister health, Paskal Lodai-SPLM, Patrick Otim, minister of information-SPLM, were fired.

Kotin Thomas takes on as the new minister of health and Elia John as the minister of information and communication.

Peter Lokali Loge takes on as chair of Anti-corruption independent Commission-SPLM and Emmanuel Justine as a member of Human right commission (HRC).

Abbas Lomwa appointed deputy chair of Anti-Corruption commission SPLM, and Peter Lomong as member of Human Rights Commission (HRC)

Meanwhile, Joseph Lokolong, SPLM-IO was axed as County Commissioner of Ikwotos County replaced by Timon Loboi-SPLM-IO.

The president also removed John Chol Thot-SPLM-IO as commissioner of Akobo County of Jonglei State replacing him with Puok Nyang-SPLM-IO.

Yola Agok Ajak-SPLM-IO, a member of parliament in Jonglei state transitional legislative assembly was fired and John Mabil Mayen-SPLM-IO and Daniel Akuak SPLM-IO were appointed.

Musa Akik Kur-SPLM-IO was removed from being the minister of animal resources and tourism while Mujamil Ojok-SPLM-IO takes on the role as the new minister in Jonglei state.

Dot Chol Lual-SPLM-IO was fired as the chair of employees’ justice chamber in Jonglei state and Awol Chol-SPLM-IO becomes the successor.

The President revoked appointment of Joseph Majiek Chol, Madit Mawien, Daniel Deng Agany, Buturus Alieu Dut, Ador Mayen as SPLM-IO MPs in Warrap state legislative assembly.

Makuei Piot, Aduk Anyoun, Mawien Ajou Dal, Santino Chol Mayen, Madut Akoch Madut were appointed as new lawmakers to replace the outgoing members.

Jadalla Deng Ring-SPLM-IO was repealed as legal affairs advisor replaced by Makur Duol Ajo while Benjamin Piol-SPLM-IO, former minister of peace building of Warrap State is succeeded by Madit Mawien Adek.

Majok Lual Akot-SPLM-IO was axed from the chair of HIV commission in the state and Majok Malok shown exit from the deputy chair of relief and rehabilitation commission.

Meanwhile, Deng Malek Agok becomes the new chair of the state HIV/AIDS commission and Abil Atem Deng, as the deputy chair of relief and rehabilitation commission.

John Deng Kok was fired from being the commissioner of Tonj East County replaced by William Arop as the new commissioner of the County.

In the new appointment, Simon Aguek Chan, SPLM-IO, takes on as commissioner of Twic County.






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