Editorial, OpEd

If I don’t tell the truth, it will be something close to truth

In my younger life, I wanted to be someone. Don’t mistake me, I am already someone because I am alive but there is someone that I have always wanted to become. I set my dreams and ran after them. The biggest problem is that they tend to run faster than you when you are weak.

I play and joke, I love and live. One of the people I love most is my mother and she is the only woman who loves me more. It would be my joy if we live to witness the unfolding of time. I value time, for it humbles and vindicates all. Time turns the powerful into paupers and reduces the great into nothing.

This is why you should be mindful of the people you despise, those that you belittle. It is only when someone is no more that you will have every right to call them names but if someone is still standing, it doesn’t matter what kind of problems they are going through, time will crown them. Be careful how you treat people.

Don’t call someone weak if you have no idea about where his or her strength comes from. For you must be weak before you are strong. You should not run into a conclusion when it comes to how people run their secret battles. You don’t know wealth unless you have seen poverty.

I talk less, this is my nature, and it does not mean that I have nothing to say.  When I choose to talk, I do it with care not to hurt or break someone. I have many things to say but I often run short of time, I have stories of pain, betrayal, hope, failures and little victories. I choose to keep these to myself.

I appreciate both the good and bad, for you cannot be someone without the other. The duo works together. Another mistake I will never make is to compare myself to others or to pretend to be somebody that I am not. For all the people who know me, they feel comfortable when I am around them because I give people all the time to talk about them, their victories, dreams and plans.

I don’t act as if I know something, to most people; I am just a young man who is confused in life. For others who are closest to me, I am a young man who is trying to appear above the waters and swim to the shore. I don’t hate, if I choose to, it will be over my dead body.

The things that I love are the things I don’t chase. Sometimes you are nothing if you try to prove a point. If people are not interested in you, the best thing you can do is to just walk away.

I love those who don’t pretend. If you need something, there is no need to pretend like you don’t need it. For most people, if they are rejected by a girl, they will go on to say she is a whore. For others, if they don’t have money, they will say money is not everything.

If you don’t have a house, you will say renting is the best. It is in our genetic makeup. For most of the things, we tend to hate the things that we can’t get. That is why being authentic is key. The best way to be happy is to act like the world around doesn’t exist. Sometimes ignorance is bliss when it is done with a purpose.




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