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Minister pushes for women’s rights to land ownership

By Charles K Mark

National Minister of Gender, Child and Social Welfare, calls for establishment policies to allow women own property, such as land.

Minister Aya Benjamin Warile was speaking last week during an event on women in South Sudan.

She highlights the importance of women’s right to land ownership.

“Women’s land ownership not only empowers them but strengthens the foundation of the nation. With the land, the technical know-how, the financial backing, and the resilience of the women, we can uplift thousands of households towards sustainability,” said Aya.

The minister said it was high time the country focused further on laws that are more gender-sensitive, granting women rightful ownership of land.

Aya believes that land should be accessible to all, regardless of gender, and that the majority of the population especially those in rural areas rely heavily on these sectors for sustenance.

“Land, a symbol of stability and security, should be accessible to all, regardless of gender,” she echoed.

She said the agriculture sector is primarily driven by women, who work tirelessly in fields, care for livestock, and nurture the land contributing to the country’s agricultural foundation.

However, the gender imbalance in South Sudan remains at its peak, despite the efforts of women to uphold and nurture the country.

“Despite their monumental contributions, the plight of women in our patriarchal society remains concerning,” Madam Aya complained, adding that “they often face inequalities, limited decision-making powers, and a lack of control over assets.”

If adopted, the land policy is thought to provide a much stronger framework for communities’ rights, women’s rights, and vulnerable groups.

According to the United Nations Advisory Library (UNifeed), the South Sudan land policy would bring about better transparency and accountability measures.


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