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A rift splitting SPLM cadres

By William Madouk

A controversial audio circulating on social media has set Central Equatoria state Sudan Peoples’ Liberation Movement (SPLM) party cadres at loggerheads.

The political wrangle commiserates former Juba City Council Mayor, Kalisto Lado Faustino against Juba County SPLM Party secretariat under James Yugu.

Irritated by the audio that gossips about SPLM senior cadres from the state, Yugu blasted the former mayor and labeled him as a non-member of the ruling party.

“SPLM Juba County Secretariat do hereby condemn in the strongest term possible for the letter circulating on social media. For your information, the so-called Kalisto is not part and parcel of the SPLM senior cadres whether in Juba or Central Equatoria state,” Yugu’s statement reads in part.

According to the Juba County SPLM chairperson, former mayor Kalisto was a member of United Democratic Front (UDF) before defecting to the ruling party.

“In 2014, Kalisto joined the SPLM, and he was appointed as the deputy press spokesperson by Dr. James Wani Igga and he was later appointed to be part of the national dialogue in 2015,” Yugu continued.

Yugu wondered how a man who rose to become mayor of Juba City Council could turn against people who recommended him for appointments.

“Now who is Kalisto Ladu to talk against his mentor…after Kalisto served in various positions in the hand? There is a certain creature you feed and at the end bites your hand off,” Yugu bellowed.

According to Yugu, Kalisto, in a group with others during a clandestine meeting in the city, talked against the government.

“Kalisto has totally failed his political ambition which is why he turned against his mentor and his seniors. He has violated the constitution after naming himself to be senior cadre,” Yugu hit on.

However, Kalisto, in a rebuttal, denied authoring the alleged audio on social media that is now being used to incriminate him and other SPLM senior cadres in Central Equatoria State.

Reading between the lines, the two sides of the SPLM party cadres in the state, the wrangle is all about President Salva Kiir’s running mate.

“The SPLM senior cadres reject the self-nomination of the president’s running mate” Kalisto said in the statement while seconding the sole candidature of the party boss.

“The SPLM seniors cadres treat the endorsement of H.E. Salva Kiir Mayardit as a sole flag bearer as a REDLINE to tamper with the endorsement of comrade Salva Kiir Mayardit,” Kalisto continued.

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