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Returnees face water shortage

By Yien Gattour

At least 1014 individuals in the Rubkuach area of Mayiendit County, Unity State, are currently facing a severe shortage of drinking water after fleeing conflict in Sudan since May.

Kina Riek Gatluak, a returnee in Rubkuach Payam, expressed her concerns to No.1 Citizen Daily Newspaper, stating that they have been without clean drinking water for nearly three months.

She appealed to local authorities, aid agencies, and the government to intervene.

Since their arrival in June 2023, the returnees have been grappling with water scarcity in Rubkuach Payam.

“From June until now, we have not had access to safe drinking water. We continue to lodge complaints with the government of Unity State and UN agencies, urging them to provide us with clean drinking water.”

Another returnee, Gai Deng stated that they resorted to drinking dirty water from the swamp, leading to numerous illnesses and water-borne diseases like diarrhea.

“Our people use to fight always at water point in Rubkuach Payam because the water boreholes are not enough for us,” he said.

The Mayiendit Relief and Rehabilitation Commission (RRC) confirmed that at least 1014 returnees in Rubkuach Payam are currently experiencing a water shortage.

Matthew Ran, the RRC’s representative said the Samaritan Purse International Organization (SPI) is partnering with the RRC to provide water to the returnees and address the crisis.

“The 15 boreholes are not enough for our population including our newcomers who fled the Sudan conflict on 15 April.”

Reports indicate that Tutnyang Payam and Rubkuach Payam in Unity State have long struggled with a shortage of clean water shortages since returnees and refugees arrived from Sudan in Mayiendit County.

Mayiendit County relied on water from boreholes drilled by the Samaritan Purse International Organization (SPL).


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